“Helping blockchain companies grow and scale in the MENA region.”

Our values


Blockchain technology is the future – and Dubai is blazing a path to becoming the crypto capital of the world. All the way back in 2018 itself, the UAE’s forward-thinking leadership launched the Blockchain Strategy 2021. Today, the country arguably provides one of the most versatile and flourishing business environments in the world for any company dealing with Web 3.0 DLT (distributed ledger technology). 

There are already more than 400 crypto businesses in Dubai – by the end of 2022, that number is expected to more than double, crossing 1,000. The whole MENA region is also seeing burgeoning investor interest – signaling the rise of a wealth of opportunities. Masary Capital is your pathway to leverage that wealth – the word ‘masary’ roughly means ‘path to money’ in Arabic.

We bring years of experience running an established family business, along with extensive expertise in traditional finance and industry. So, when we started Masary Capital, we wanted to carry over the same values: building long-lasting relationships, operating with integrity and trust, envisioning a clear path to profitability and growth, and helping our partners achieve long-term success. We pride ourselves on these core tenets.

Being aligned to the UAE National Blockchain Strategy as well as the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy 2031, Masary Capital is your ideal partner in the MENA region. 

Our knowledge of DLT, Web 3.0, blockchain and crypto enables us to offering an ideal setting for global blockchain companies to expand across the Middle East and beyond.

We look forward to partnering with you and growing with you. 

With warm regards,
Khalid Abdulla

Our Vision

To become the pre-eminent joint venture partner for Web 3.0 distributed ledger technology (W3.0 DLT) companies in MENA.

Our Mission

We aim to jointly partner leading W3.0 DLT companies in the UAE and MENA. Building local companies and spurring local technology adoption and innovation, fully supporting the visionary National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.

Our Objectives


A profitable path to establishing fully regulated W3.0 DLT businesses in the UAE and MENA region.


Partnerships with unregulated W3.0 DLT businesses and barriers for the adoption and innovation of these technologies.


Institutional and mass adoption of these technologies and our joint venture partner products and services.

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