“Our company is built on people - those who work for us, and those we do business with.”


To become pioneers in providing state-of-the-art and seamless Blockchain and Crypto solutions across all channels of customer interaction and to successfully establish the adoption of Crypto related activities, solutions, payment services and infrastructure in the UAE and GCC through our strategic investments and partnerships.

Our Vision

To become the pre-eminent joint venture partner for Web 3.0 distributed ledger technology (W3.0 DLT) companies in MENA.

Our Mission

We aim to jointly partner leading W3.0 DLT companies in the UAE and MENA. Building local companies and spurring local technology adoption and innovation, fully supporting the visionary National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence.



A profitable path to establishing fully regulated W3.0 DLT businesses in the UAE and MENA region.


Partnerships with unregulated W3.0 DLT businesses and barriers for the adoption and innovation of these technologies.


Institutional and mass adoption of these technologies and our joint venture partner products and services.